Sharjah is the place to visit to explore experience and discover the secrets of a unique Arabian lifestyle and Islamic culture. This emirate takes great pride with its commitment to art and preserving the local heritage. We embark on this unique journey of discovery heading towards Sharjah passing by its beautiful lagoon and green parks. We begin our tour with a photo stop at the Blue Mosque after which we drive by the famous Blue Souk renown for its mosaic work. We stop at by at the historical Nabooda House and trace the origins of the early settlers. A visit nearby to a traditional coffee shop is not to be missed for a sip of mint tea. Our route then takes us through the heart of the city passing by the majestic King Faisal Mosque, the unique pearl monument and symbol of Sharjah. After this we take a scenic drive via the Sharjah Corniche to visit the Ajman Fort & Museum where we learn about the Emirates’ past before oil was found. This concludes our exciting journey of discovery.

The tour includes:

  • Pick-up from the hotel and drive to Ajman
  • Drive to Sharjah to see the beautiful lagoon and green parks
  • Visit Al Nabooda house, Blue souk, King Faisal Mosque and drive to Buhaira corniche
  • Drive to Ajman museum visit and Heritage Village

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